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We understand you are perplexed about booking your airport transfer so we have adapted our cancellation and payment terms and introduced hygiene measures in all our vehicles as follow:

Book now and pay at the end of your trip.
Cancel for free at any time.
No pre payments - No booking fees.
Free flight delay re-schedule.


We understand that, in these uncertain times it is difficult to decide to book a ski holiday and its relative airport transfer. That is why Alpine Shuttle is offering you total flexibility when booking your transfer to the ski resort. This means:

  • Cancellation free of charge up to 5 hours before transfer. You can cancel at any time at no cost without giving any reason. We will only charge €50,00 admin fee in case of "No Show" or cancellation made less than 5 hours before transfer.

  • No pre payment will be asked at the moment of booking. You can book now and pay by Cash or Credit Card to the driver at the end of each trip. This means you will only pay once your trip is completed.

  • You can always rebook at no cost one of our exclusive transfer.

  • Pick-up reschedule free of charge in case of flight/train delay.

Please read our Terms and Conditions.


Before every new passenger enters the vehicle, the driver will sanitize all the surfaces of the vehicle's interior using disinfectants that have qualified for use against the COVID-19 (Coronavirus), with special attention to handles, windows, air vents, cup holders, seat belts, child seats and the trunk.


We use professional sanitizing tools such the steam cleaner to disinfect seats and fabric surfaces, and anti-virus spray with single-use towels to clean leather and hard surfaces. The driver will wash his hands before and after the procedures above.

Interior car cleaning.jpg


The Chauffeur will wait for you outside the arrival gate with a contact board as usual. Handshakes with clients are suspended until further notice.


He will escort you to your vehicle, open the door and load the van with gloves. If needed, he will offer you anti-virus wipes and hand sanitizer before going on board. He will let accommodate you on the back seats and offer you only sealed refreshments.


In the case that any of our drivers have had contact with an infected subject, he will be immediately suspended from work and self-isolate, according to the law at the time of the occurrence, prior returning on duties with us.


Each of our vehicles is supplied with personal protective equipment at the full disposal of every passenger.


The PPE includes: Antivirus wipes, hand sanitizer gel, single-use face masks and disposable latex gloves. We still offer chilled refreshments on-board, provided in a sealed package.

Hand Sanitizer.jpg

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